One of the main issues businesses face in cargo shipment is about customs clearance process that may take time in many cases. The so called issue is already resolved if you trust in Ashtad! We handle all the hassle and shorten long intervals by our team of experts and you simply deliver your cargo as if you are waiting for a postage.

Long experience of Ashtad in multinational export made us professional with the customs rules and limitations of countries, so with all the rapid ways for entering the package into the destination country revealed, it is just a rule of thumb for Ashtad to deal with that and your order will be processed rapidly regardless of complication of customs rules.


Ashtad takes responsibility for is cargo packing so that the cargo is intact and secure the way the client asked for. Some of the main factors in packaging are applicability, affordability, durability and reliability. Ashtad provide various choices for packaging so that when it comes to ordering a big bulk and it requires a long shipping journey on the sea, you would not care about the beauty of packaging, since you’ve already bought it, so beauty of packaging can be reduced and sustainability can be reinforced. Nevertheless, the last choice is always yours.


On the other hand, comes the transportation of the goods. Depending on the type of cargo, the way of transportation would be different. Sometimes you simply do not need to worry about since Ashtad is just available! No matter what or how far the cargo is, we make it happen as a local purchase since everything for a safe delivery is provided by Ashtad to meet your standards.


When you are in need of something, depending on how and where you want to use it, you may ask for some customized features. Ashtad’s team of experts are well trained to search for the proper need with clear specifications and find it anywhere it might be, and on your confirmation, it will be shipped out for you as soon as possible.

In fact, the combination or tradeoff between quality and price is always a matter for any buyer. But worry not, because Ashtad can get you the exact features you ask for. Mostly the best quality items have greater prices, but if you plan for a cheaper one Ashtad can get it for you. In other words, based on your budget Ashtad will get you the best option possible.


There are times when a client is in requirement of an equipment or even more, a technology, but it is not precisely clear what and how it should be and it is a little bit confusing selecting among too many possible choices.

In these cases, we are ready to engineer the requirement with a team of experts who would recommend the best choice for the client according to their circumstances, confinements and conditions.

Through three decades of experience, Ashtad have many sources in almost every field in its scope. Therefore, the chances to get acquainted with the most sophisticated advisors is more convenient and accessible through Ashtad. These experts interpret the conditions, assess the financial situation of the client and finally based on the final goal, they will recommend what to buy and what would be the advantages and disadvantages of this purchase.